• Image of October - Mini Print
  • Image of October - Mini Print
  • Image of October - Mini Print

For 2017 I've set myself the Mini Print Project.
Every month I will design and print a mini botanical themed print.
Each print will be a linocut.
The print itself will be no larger than A5.
Each print will be a limited edition of 10.

Here is the October print:

The print is a two colour linocut.
Each print has been editioned and signed.
Paper size: 15cm x 22cm
Image size: 9cm x 15cm

October is a month of fiery coloured leaves and carving pumpkins... not that I like all the traditions that are associated with Halloween, but I do love this one. It's a time of preparation for those long winter months, collecting wood for the fire, making batches of warming spiced soups and lighting candles as the nights draw in. Orange was a must use colour this month for me as I feel it represents all those things.

In nature, it is no longer a season of dainty flowers, but of colourful leaves, seed heads and berries. I wanted something a little more structural, and the form of the Chinese Lanterns were perfect. At this time of the year, the plant loses its flowers and forms these striking papery lanterns, protecting the fruit within. They are often brought in and dried to be used in flower displays. They have a wonderful halloween-y feel about them. I had initially thought of painting the lanterns, but I liked the texture that the ink produces and the variations in depth of colour found though the printing process.

The dark blue background is to represent those darker nights, but still with a little warmth. A grey or black here seemed too cold.

Each print is hand burnished using a wooden spoon. I use oil based inks for their longevity and vibrant colour.

*The pictures are to illustrate design and colour. Due to the nature of the printing process, all prints have slight variations in depth of colour and placement.*

Sold unframed.

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